Approximately 60 to 70% of all dialysis treatments performed are standard hemodialysis (low or high flux).
The DBB-EXA ES dialysis system covers exactly this segment.

Numerous options allow a configuration that is tailored to the respective market requirements.



Cost efficiency

Proven, reliable technology and various functions can help reduce operating costs.


Configurable according to the needs

Designed for hemodialysis (HD) and configurable as required thanks to a wide range of options.


Innovative design

Compact design with minimal foot-print and reduced height creates a pleasant appearance for the patient.


Optionally with the innovative Archloop blood tubing line

The new blood tubing line with the POD pressure measurement system has a low priming volume, a very small blood / air contact area, less weight than conventional blood tubing lines and is easy to install.

Key benefits

  • Low and high flux dialysis
  • ISO-UF (sequential UF)
  • UF, conductivity and bicarbonate profiles
  • Dialysis fluid filter for ultra pure dialysis fluid
  • Holder for standard bicarbonate cartridges
  • External status display
  • Archloop blood tubing lines (Type C only)


  • Dialysis Full Assist System (D-FAS) with online priming
  • Contactless patient card
  • Haemo-Master (BV-UFC/COC)
  • Single needle mode with single pump
  • Blood Volume Measurement with active UF and conductivity regulation
  • Vascular access recirculation rate measurement
  • Active Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) optional with iNIBP
  • Dialysis Dose Monitor (DDM)
  • Central concentrate delivery system (CCS) for two concentrate connections
  • Network connection
  • Connection for external devices

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