DBB-EXA – Blood tubing lines & Accessories

The AV 18 & C 18 series is tailored for the use with DBB-EXA enabling the full utilization of the Dialysis Full Assist System (D-FAS) and guarantees the highest resolution and accuracy while using Haemo-Master or vascular access recirculation rate measurement.



Online port connector

Designed for a hygienically secure connection


Transducer protector filter

Designed for a secure and easy connection



For D-FAS priming. Designed for easy and hygienic usability

DBB-EXA - Double needle blood tubing lines for online priming (D-FAS)

Article     Description Scope                                     
AV18 AFA-P Standard blood tubing line HD, OHDF, OHF
AV18 AFA-PL Similar to AV18 AFA-P witch 50 cm longer patient lines HD, OHDF, OHF
AV18 AFD-P Standard blood tubing line designed for hemodialysis HD
AV18 AFA-HFP Standard blood tubing line with subsitution line C18 AFA-P (Online HDF set / HF set) HD, OHDF, OHF


DBB-EXA - Single needle blood tubing lines for online priming (D-FAS)

Article Description Scope
AV18 AFA-SNP Standard single needle blood tubing line for double pump HD


DBB-EXA - Accessories

Article Description Scope
C18 AFA-P Substitution line for Online HDF Online HDF, OHF
C18 RFB-P Infusion line with 2 Luer-Lock fittings For D-FAS Kochsalz-Füllen
C18 RFC-P Infusions with 1 Luer-Lock and 1 spike For D-FAS Kochsalz-Füllen
C18 BDD-P Sample line for online port For sampling


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