Air disinfection devices

Based on the development of deep UV-LED and exploiting the antibacterial and antiviral effect of UV-C spectrum, NIKKISO realized an air disinfection / air decontamination device for application in the immediate potential infection and contagion area of aerosol-borne viruses and bacteria.

In addition, UV-C radiation is exploited at the photocatalytically active metal grid and metal filter fleece to generate short-lived oxygen radicals. These radicals exhibit high reactivity and have an oxidative effect on organic substances and structures (e.g. viruses, bacteria, allergens and odor-forming substances). This process does not produce any harmful substances in the device.



With Aeroclear, infectious germs, allergens and pollutants are removed from the air in the immediate area where people are present. The risk of infection by aerosol-borne viruses and bacteria is thus significantly reduced. People can breathe freely again.

The compact, elegant design of Aeroclear makes it possible to operate the device in the immediate vicinity of the "aerosol source", as it also generates very little noise and requires only a small footprint and a power connection. Effective reduction of infectious aerosols is possible at the point of origin, providing a safe breathing environment where it is needed – at the “point of breath”.

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