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Environmental protection

Our contribution to environmental protection

At NIKKISO, we feel it is our responsibility towards society to use resources in a sustainable manner and to save the environment for generations to come.

We develop, manufacture and maintain our products and services in line with this self-imposed responsibility.

Examples of environmentally-friendly NIKKISO products:

  • The pollutant-free steam sterilization of bloodlines for hemodialysis eliminates the risk of emission of radiation or toxic substances into the environment.
  • The environmentally-friendly combined heat disinfection of DBB-series hemodialysis devices with citric acid eliminates the risk of environmental pollution with oxidizing chemical compounds, for example.
  • 2013 we took another significant step forward in saving resources. Since 2013, our production plant for hemodialysis and hemofiltration devices is powered entirely from sustainable hydro-energy. By taking this step, we have reduced the environmental impact by 172,900 tons of the CO2 greenhouse gas, which is equivalent to 245 g of highly toxic nuclear fuel.



True to our principles “Helping patients by providing the best products”,we are now working on products for the future in order to improve and maintain our quality of life and that of future generations.