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Medical Equipment Division

Our sophisticated technologies and first-rate maintenance systems offer reliability and peace of mind.
Our goal as a total dialysis manufacturer is to improve QOL.

As the pioneer of dialysis machines in Japan, the Medical Division continues to improve dialysis medical care and patient QOL.
Nikkiso's machines are developed to support medical staffs and patients with features for safety and user-friendly interface based on time-proven original pump technology and long-term market experience. The reliability of the Nikkiso machines set up new standards in the dialysis.
Nikkiso works to develop disposable products that help to improve patient quality of life, such as a dialyzer that uses PEPA membranes. Further Nikkiso developing and manufacturing blood tubing sets standardized for greater ease of use.

Dealing directly with human life, we take our responsibilities seriously and take pride in providing the best service and maintenance network. For example, in addition to training Nikkiso Group technicians, the company also provides its clients with preliminary services and the latest training.

Our goal as a comprehensive manufacturer of dialysis products is to build and maintain the trust and peace of mind of our customers.

Pumps Division

Super Heat Resistant, Super-Precise, Super-Low Temperatures...
Leading fluid and special pump technologies to meet diverse demands worldwide.

With more than a half-century of expertise and experience in fluid technologies, we continue to pursue new technologies that make it possible to produce better pumps. Areas of interest include non-seal pumps. Our pumps are reliable and stable under the harshest conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, and super-low temperature.

Most of Nikkiso's customers are world-leading petrochemical, energy, and engineering contractors. While responding to the issues faced by each individual client and to overall high-level client needs, Nikkiso also boldly takes on the challenge of developing products capable of handling special conditions.

Renowned for a long history of building up its manufacturing, sales, service, and maintenance structures, Nikkiso is known around the world as a global pump supplier.

For more details please use the following links.

Link: www.nikkiso.com, www.lewa.com

Industrial Solutions Division

Water, Gas, Powder...
Meeting industry needs in every field through innovative, problem-solving technologies

Taking full advantage of our innovative technologies, the Industrial Solutions Division continues to identify solutions to problems encountered throughout the industrial world. The cornerstone of this Division was a water-conditioning system developed by Nikkiso, the first of its kind in Japan. This device automatically adjusted and managed the quality of water in the boilers of thermal power plants.

Since then, our world-class knowledge of water-conditioning systems combined with sampling, high-pressure controls, and measurement/analysis techniques have given us the means to support the basic industries that supply energy. This gives us the power to help with customer production, quality control, and research and development in the electronic and medical fields.

Examples of products include isostatic processing equipment for effectively pressing multi-layer electric components for cellular phones and PCs, the Microtrac particle size analyzer for measuring powder distribution, plastic chemical recycle devices for recycling plastic and industrial waste water, SC sprayers for atomizing pharmaceuticals, and similar applications.The development and production of various products is a ceaseless endeavor.

For more details please visit www.nikkiso.com 

Aerospace Division

Strength, Light Weight, Durability...
We are ready to meet the highly complex demands of aircraft manufactures, taking advantage of advanced carbon-fiber reinforced plastics.

Cascades are the components of the thrust reversers provided for commercial aircraft to control engine airflow during landing. Approximately a quarter of a century ago, the Aerospace Division produced the first cascades made of CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic). Using CFRP cascades, we were able to reduce the component weight by two-thirds without compromising the strength and durability previously provided by metal, thereby improving fuel efficiency. Nowadays, Nikkiso composite cascades have gained worldwide recognition for superb qualities in advanced design, analysis, curing, manufacturing techniques, and quality control. The majority of commercial aircraft manufacturers choose our products, including Boeing and Airbus.

Other than cascades, our CFRP products have also been applied to the main wings in components like ailerons (wing flaps) and shrouds (wing covers). In the aerospace industry, our products are also used to build satellite components. In addition, our technologies are applied to the general industries, such as components used in liquid crystal panel manufacturing.

Drawing on our technologies and manufacturing knowledge acquired in our work with the aerospace industry, we hope to help you expand your sphere of possibility.

For further details please visit www.nikkiso.com