Deep UV-LED Devices

NIKKISO developed in cooperation with the Nobel Prize in Physics Dr. Hiroshi Amano, a UV-C LED with a wavelength in the ultraviolet radiation spectrum smaller than 300 nm, which can be produced industrially.


It has been proven that UV-C radiation reliably inactivates and destroys pathogenic germs such as bacteria and viruses. UV-C radiation has thus established itself as a valid disinfection method in various areas. However, mercury lamps with high power consumption and limited product life are usually used for this purpose. Based on the development of these innovative deep UV-LEDs (UV-C-LEDs) it is now possible to realize more environmentally friendly and effective products for air disinfection. Due to the low energy consumption of the deep UV-LED, small, mobile devices suitable for everyday use can be offered for the disinfection or decontamination of the immediate ambient air.

Recent studies conducted in Japan have shown that the antiviral effect of the deep UV-LED can also be reliably demonstrated on corona viruses.


Air disinfection devices

Based on the development of deep UV-LED and exploiting the antibacterial and antiviral effect of UV-C spectrum, NIKKISO realized an air disinfection / air decontamination device for application in the immediate potential infection and contagion area of aerosol-borne viruses and bacteria.


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